Best Foosball Table in 2019

If you want to make your game room even more exciting than what it is now, consider adding a foosball table to it. Foosball is a table game that’s not only filled with fun, but is also extremely competitive. Another reason behind the immense popularity gained by this table game is that it can be played just by two people. If you set out for shopping, you’ll come across a range of  tables, which would definitely make the process of picking one soccer table for your home overwhelming for you. So, we have decided to inform you about different features of an ideal soccer table and things you must consider when shopping for the best foosball table. In addition, we have also reviewed the top models available on the market currently. Read on to find out more.

Soccer tables can broadly be categorized into two kinds, home models and professional models. The professional units are the ones that usually come equipped with more advanced features for the practice of soccer tricks shots . You should opt for this type if you are a competitive foosball trick shots enthusiast. The professionall tables are generally built for players of higher standards, while the home models might be suitable even for the kids. This write-up primarily focuses on home models; the products reviewed here are all home great foosball tables.

After you decide the type of item that you would like to buy, your next step would be beginning your search online. This would involve visiting online shopping platforms, reliable product review websites and blogs, and the official websites of different manufacturing companies. This would allow you to have clear idea about the pros and cons of the product you are looking to purchase.

Best tables features

A common difference you’ll notice between various foosball tables is the number of men present on the goalie rod. While there are a number of units that feature just one goalie, there are others that feature a couple of side defenders (mounted on the two sides of the goalie). The models that come with the side defenders are often categorized as tables boasting a three-man goalie system.

Being precise is crucial for enjoying the game of foosball. If you end up buying a soccer table that’s just slightly uneven, you may see your game play altered completely, which might put someone else in an advantageous position. So, it’s extremely important to opt for one that’s perfectly leveled in all directions. The majority of the high quality tables available on the market come with built-in leveling systems; these systems can be used effectively for keeping those tables perfectly flat for the practice of soccer trick shots.

The other thing you must consider when buying a foosball  is the material it’s made of. Wood and wood laminate are the most common materials used for making these tables. products made from these materials are known for being highly durable and stable. These days, the market has also been flooded with foosballs  made from plastic; if you opt for one such table, make sure that manufacturer has used high-impact plastic for the job. That’s because unlike regular plastic, high impact plastic will ensure that you don’t experience durability issues.

Now that you know about the primary considerations you must make when looking for the best foosball table, take a look at reviews of the top models the market currently has. We hope that would make the process of picking the right product simpler for you.

Which is The Best foosbal seller?

Best choice foosball Table

This is one of the most popular foosball tables in the market and comes at an affordable price of. It features a sturdy construction made of medium-density fiberboard and chrome-finished steel rods. It includes 8 rows with 11 red players on one side (4 rows) and 11 white players (4 rows) on the other side. There are two cup holders, one on each side of the table and each rod has an ergonomic grip to give a comfortable experience when playing. The friction-free playing surface measures 47 inches by 24 inches and the table stands at 33 inches tall. Most reviews and comments given on this 48″ foosball table are positive and it is designed to give you and your family half-time fun and regular entertainment whenever you need. It is also very sturdy and stands at the appropriate height (not too low or high). With four rows on both sides, you can have up to four people playing the game.

 Ea Sports 56 In. Foosball Table

If you are interested in top quality foosball table made for the high end market, then it gets no better than EA Sports 56 inch model. This table fives you 56 inches by 28.75 inches of high quality frictionless surfaces to allow smooth play. It is made of thick chrome-plated metal rods and 26 players colored in two-team uniforms. It uses the traditional bead system of scoring so you can easily keep track of the game. The table is not only durable and sturdy, but also adds style and decoration to your fun rooms. It weighs 92 pounds and features flat scratch-control leg-ends to ensure your carpets and floors are kept safe. The comfort grips also make it easy to play and you do not have to worry about breakages as they are similarly made of metal rods. However, this model comes at a premium price due to its high feature profile. It is ideal for those who want top quality expensive models.

Goplus 54 inch. Foosball Table Soccer Game Table

This is yet another top quality foosball table that features luster compound coating to protect it from wear and tear. It has polo white and black players with oversized foot levelers for unbiased game. It features MDF frames and steel rods as well as rod bushings that boost spin and slide. This table is designed for the competitive players and can provide hours of entertainment without breaking down. It is relatively easy to assemble and measures 53.5 inches by 30.5 inches. It also comes with a user manual and extra foosball. Goplus may seem simple but offers a study visually appealing foosball table that will last many years before you need another. It has smooth lockable foot-grip to protect your floors and keep the table from sliding. It also weighs around 72 pounds and comes at a good price   which is ideal for those looking for top quality medium-priced foosball tables. It is simply the best within this category. If you need a quality foosball table that is durable and affordable, this is the ideal product for you.

Foosball Table Reviews

Triumph Sports 48-Inch MLS 10-in-1 Combo foosball Table Review

No 10 in1 Combo available at this moment.only 3 in 1.

If you are looking for a soccer table that’s affordable, versatile, and fun, go for the Triumph Sports 48-Inch MLS 10-in-1 Combo Table. The most amazing thing about this product is that it will turn your game room into a more exciting place by allowing you to play a number of games without the need of adding more items to the room. Foosball is obviously one of the popular choices among users of this product, but, you along with your family and friends can also play other games like table tennis, shuffleboard, backgammon, dice, checkers, chess, billiards, bowling, and hockey on this table. The next biggest highlight of this table is its sports quality body; the station has been constructed using MDF (medium density fiberboard), which makes it highly durable. Other than being a really cool  table due to its incredible versatility, the item should also be praised for its cool appearance. It features colorful, eye-catching graphics, legs boasting a lustrous black finish, and hollow, silver-painted steel rods. What’s more, the pack contains all game accessories you may need for making the most of this table. This dual player table is currently available in five colors, green, black, red, blue and white, and is perfect for kids of eight years and above.

Kick Foosball table royalton 55 in

Become the proud owner of the 55-inch Royalton to experience true royalty. This elegant item has been designed for being used by royal foosball players across the globe. Some of the most promising characteristics of the product are its ability to allow foosball men to dribble easily, amazing field play balance, and absolutely precise player control.

If you get your hands on this unit, you will be able to rest assured about two things; you’ll be having a memorable game experience every time you’ll play on it and the table would definitely add a touch of elegance to your game room (or wherever you place it).

The product comes equipped with robust leg levelers, which ensures that the surface of the table would always be perfectly flat. A feature of the Royalton that would impress you even more is that you can get it assembled both in form of a three-goalie design and one-goalie design. Some other attributes that make this unit truly praiseworthy are its chrome plated player rods (it has a total of eight such rods), ends with slide scoring mounted on them, and easy front ball returns on both ends. The table has a total of 22 foosball men (11 red and 11 white) and includes a couple of foosball balls.

American Heritage Element 58 inch foosball Table guide

If you want your soccer table to boast a unique look, you’ll come across few other products that would grab your eyeballs as much as this 58 inch  table from the house of American Heritage Billiards. One feature that makes the appearance of this item truly eye-catching is its metal black trim. Another feature responsible for giving the table a distinctive look is the fact that it’s not as deep as the majority of the other  available on the market. The table has a cabinet-style construction, which makes it a perfect fit for most decors.

The unit's crossed metal legs is something you’ll not find in many other products; this might make it look slightly unusual, but is also responsible for making it the favorite of many home users.

The American Heritage 58 inch  has been constructed using engineered wood and has an exterior done in brown maple. Although the height of the table cannot be adjusted, the design would allow you to adjust its legs for keeping the table perfectly leveled.

The playing surface  is black, which looks even more stylish due to the addition of the black and silver men. Some other principal features of the product include four ball, two ball returns, and manual scorers. In short, other than having an attractive, sturdy structure, the table also plays significantly well.

The game would match the needs of players of all possible ability levels and age groups. If you are a beginner, you’ll get the best opportunity of learning the game, while accomplished players will love the experience of playing on a sturdy table that allows smooth action.

It’s true that the price of this American Heritage Billiards creation is a bit on the higher side when compared to other similar products available on the market; however, we are sure that you’ll not regret spending money on this foosball table. This item will allow you to play the game in a manner you have always wanted to.

27 Inch Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table Game w/Legs Review

The Tabletop Soccer Foosball Table is the ultimate by which any foosball enthusiast can spend valuable time with colleagues, family and friends.

This unique item has salient features that separate it from the competition in the market. These include the following:

Legs – The table has strong and sturdy legs to offer the much needed stability that is required when playing fast paced games.

Construction material – The unit is made of premium wood that is both aesthetically appealing and strong enough to withstand wear and tear.

Dimensions – This foosball  has dimensions of 27 ×15 × 10 inches to allow it to fit in any room.

Players – The product is equipped with properly detailed players to offer the game a realistic feeling and therefore more enjoyable with a bet365 bonus code.

Scoring system – The foosball table is designed with the classic slide scoreboard that enables easy tracking of scores even in matches that are fast paced.

Weight – It has a weight of 10 pounds to facilitate portability.

Carrom Aegean Fresco 55 inch soccer buying guide

The Carrom Aegean Fresco is good value for money in every imaginable way. This table is an exquisite choice as it combines functionality and quality.

This amazing item has the following features that might pique the interest of clients:
Design – This table has a cabinet that is an inch thick and is covered in gorgeous melamine finish of the Aegean Fresco type. This really gives the table an attractive appearance.

Playing field – The product is designed with a 0.375 inch thick playing surface. This is conveniently complimented by its beautiful graphics that are screen-printed and has enamel to check against wear.

Players –The unit has realistic players incorporated to it that are custom hand painted and have excellent ball-control feet to enhance performance.

Goalie design – The Carrom Aegean Fresco has a convenient and optional three-man goalie design to facilitate those difficult corner shots. Any true foosball fanatic knows how important this is. In addition, it has corner ramps to allow for single-goalie assembly.

Legs – It has strong legs made of heavy miterfold black vinyl together with leg boots. This protects against scratches on floor surfaces.

Playing rods – The table has hollow steel rods that are triple-plated with chrome to give them that aesthetic appeal. They also have rubber handles to facilitate ergonomics and avoid injury during fast-paced games. They are a sure way of precise player control. In addition, the rod bearings are precision-molded for higher efficiency.

Ball return – The foosball has a high-impact plastic ball return, a system that allows continuity after scoring and therefore eliminates unnecessary breaks. It also serves to provide longevity in service life due to the construction material.

Weight – The soccer table has a weight of 170 pounds to facilitate portability.

Dimensions – It has dimensions of 55 ×29 × 36 inches to allow it to fit in any standard room.

Carrom REALTREE XTRA Signature

This is an ideal product for a foosball enthusiast that loves the outdoors. It is essentially a camouflage item.

This product has the following interesting features:

Camouflage – The table has two different camouflage styles that are carefully designed by renowned real tree Xtra creator of camouflage patterns and designs.

Players –IT has 2 sets of players with both 1 and 3-player goalie options. Any real foosball fanatic knows how important this is.

Playing rods – The table has equipped with eight-sided wooden handles that are characterized by precision bearing to cater for both ergonomics and high performance. The playing rods are made of hollow steel that are chrome-plated to give them a premium look.

Scoring system – The foosball has wooden scoring system that to uses beads to easily keep track of scores.

Dimensions – The table has dimensions of 55 ×50.3 × 36 inches to allow it to fit in most rooms.

Weight – The product has a weight of 202 pounds to facilitate portability.

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table
This foosball table is undoubtedly the most popular of the Garlando foosball tables. It is an excellent way to redecorate the room of any true foosball enthusiast. It is sold with ten white standard balls.

This is an interesting table with a number of fascinating features as follows:

Construction material – This product has a butcher-block cabinet that is made of durable MDF material.

Playing rods – This item has 16 mm thick telescopic rods that are manufactured from cold drawn steel with high resistance and is plated with over fifteen microns of chromium that is anti-rust.

Legs – This unithas heavy duty 4 × 4 legs that are made of metallic material and are covered with a washable powder varnish to give it a beautiful finish. These are complimented by ball-bearing bushings that are beautifully encased in nylon.

Scoring system – It is designed with a reliable abacus scoring system on each and every end of it. This allows to easily keeping track of scores during heated games.

Players – It is equipped with strong players that are firmly molded to their respective rods to guarantee longevity in service life.

Playing field – This product has an aesthetically appealing playing field that is green in color and made of plastic laminate that incorporated with silk-screen printed white line.

Weight – The table has a weight of 150 pounds to facilitate portability.

Dimensions – It has dimensions of 56 ×30 × 34.75 inches to allow it to fit in any standard room

Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Soccer Folding great game Table

This is a futuristic foosball table that has both waterproofing capabilities and an attractive shape. It is a dual-usage foosball as it is designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It is sold with ten white standard plastic balls.Manufacturing material – This item is made using a hi-tech compound of plastic that is carefully reinforced using fiberglass. This gives unparalleled strength.Legs – The product has conveniently folding legs to facilitate the reduction of storage space and allow for simple transportation.Weight – The table has a weight of 132 pounds to facilitate portability.Dimensions – It has dimensions of 60 × 40 × 18 inches to allow it to fit in any standard room.Playing rods – This product has telescopic bars that are hi-stress resistance and are coated with three-layer anti-rust chromium plating for a beautiful and durable finish.Ball recovery – The table is equipped with both an easy and quick ball recovery through exit behind goal. This eliminates unnecessary breaks during matches.Bearings – The foosball has steel roller bearings that enhance the speed of games while at the same time relieving the player’s wrists from stress.Players – The table has strong moplen players molded onto the bars in such a way that they are properly held.This item is generally strong and durable as it si connected with screws, bolts and nuts that are resistant to rust.

Discover Sport Squad FX57 Deluxe Foosball Table with Two Cup Holders and Recessed Scorers Review

If you are looking for real excitement, want to test your reflexes, and have the desire of enjoying teamwork, buy the FX57 Deluxe Foosball Table. It’s aproduct that would offer unprecedented performance and make you leisure more thrilling than ever before. The most promising fact about theitem is that it can be used effortlessly even by nine year or 10 year old kids. However, for enjoying the game to its maximum potential, you should be 13 years or older than that. There’s no harm in allowing your little one to start early though as that will make him/her an expert by the time he/she becomes 13.

The table boasts hollow steel rods and black handles made of solid wood; the handles enable quick and slip-free shooting and action passing. Its playing area, on the other hand, has been crafted out of MDF of highest quality. Underneath its playing surface, the table has square legs equipped with massive leg levelers. The levelers ensure that the table would always remain stable and prevent disturbances during intense plays.

Triumph Sports 48-Inch 3-in-1 superior Soccer Table

This 4 ft soccer table is special and much different from the majority of its rivals. That’s because it would allow you to switch between sports. For instance, if you have the Triumph Sports 48-Inch 3-in-1 Soccer Table in your game room, you will be able to spend hours playing foosball and then switch to table soccer. In between, you can also spend some time playing a few exciting rounds of air hockey.

The table has eight rods, which enable ergonomic grips and make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable when having some fascinating (on-table) rivalries with your opponents.

The product is known for enabling fast-paced game play. There will be not halts even when a player scores a goal; the goal return would allow you to continue with the game by sending the ball back to the playing area promptly.

Whatever might be the game you are playing on the Triumph Sports 48-Inch 3-in-1 table, air hockey, soccer, or foosball, keeping track of your score will not be difficult for you. There are manual scorers positioned on both sides of this table. For ensuring consistent game play, on the other hand, there are the leg levelers.


The above discussion must have helped you to gather enough knowledge about the top foosball tables the market currently has. Now, it’s your turn to analyze the features of each model and determine which one would be the best soccerl table for you