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Photo Foosball Weight Size BUY NOW
Game Foosball 48 inch 26 lbs. 48 x 27 x 32 inches
Quikset Foosball , 48" 36.6 lbs. 49.8 x 26.8 x 7.1 inches
20" Pro Kick Foosball 4.8 lbs 20 x 12.2 x 2.8 inches


Franklin Sports Foosball Table Reviews

Foosball, also known as table soccer is a table game that resembles soccer in the manner by which it is played. The game involves a ball which has to be moved through the skillful manipulation of rods on which miniature players are firmly attached. It is played on a purposely built table called a foosball table. Foosball tables are available in the market in different types in terms of construction material, features and even pricing.

The following are some popular Franklin foosball table that can be affordably be bought on

Franklin Sports game Foosball 48 inch Table

This is an ultra-modern Foosball table, that is every Foosball enthusiast ideal gift.


The Franklin Sports Foosball 48 in table has the following features:

Player rods – These are hollow to facilitate effortless movements and hand reactions during play. It has long lasting rubber hand grips for ergonomics and maximum control.

Cabinet and undercarriage – These are carefully constructed from prime wood in a bid to provide both durability and reliability.

End return – These are end-mounted for convenient and faster play.

Aesthetics – The cabinet as well as the undercarriage have a gorgeous finish and this is supported by its beautiful black finish.

Material of manufacture – The MDF construction of this table makes it  as the Eastpoint tables exceedingly durable.

Weight – Its 30.6 pounds make it very light in weight and therefore very portable.

Franklin Sports Quikset Foosball Table

This product is a revolutionary one as it has been carefully engineered to maximize on playing time and less on building material.


When it comes to features, it has the following interesting ones:

Setting up – It is easily set up in just a matter of minutes and similarly folds up in just afew seconds.

Leg design – The leg design on this table is sturdy to provide optimum stability to the table when playing.

Hinges – This product has durable hinges made of steel material for optimum stability as well.

Foosball – This particular foosball table is sold with two foosballs.

Dimensions – This foosball table measures 48 × 27 × 32 inches to facilitate easy folding and is also able to fit in small spaces.

Weight – With only 36.6 pounds, this table is quite portable.

Corner caps – Its beautifully designed corner caps gives it a sporty and attractive feel and look. They are reinforced for optimum playability.

Scoring – This table has electronic scoring system mounted on its sides for easier tracking of scores.

Franklin Sports 20” Pro Kick Foosball Table

This product combines excitement and speed to result in an incredible recreational facility. The table is sold together with two foosball.


The features that characterize this product are as follows:

Rod design – It is designed with rods that are reinforced with strong fibre glass for longevity and optimum playability.

Scoring system – With a built-in manual slide scoring system, players can easily keep track of scores.

Size – The table can easily fit in even small playing rooms as it only measures 20 × 12 × 3.8 inches.

Weight – With a mere 4.8 pounds of weight, the table is quite portable.

End goal return – The product is designed with a convenient end goal return to allow for continuity in fast-paced games.


The above insightful information about Franklin Foosball Table is a good guide to individuals who are interested in purchasing quality Foosball tables from a reputable source such as