Atomic foosball Tables

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Photo Foosball Weight Size BUY NOW
Atomic pro force 144 lbs. 54.1 x 34.6 x 12.6 inches
Atomic Eurostar 180 lbs. 62 x 31 x 14.5 inches
Atomic Gladiator 225 lbs. 58.5 x 33.3 x 14.8 inches

What is a Football Table

Football table is usually categorized as both a sport and a game. To a majority of individuals it is just a game that is adopted from the sport of football or soccer. However, Football table enthusiasts have come to embrace it as a sport in its own right. There are even associations for players, professional football table players and numerous competitions all over the globe. The concept of how to play the  game also known as Foosball or soccer table is quite simple as it requires a player to maneuver their four rods that control his or her thirteen player figures in a bid to drive the ball in the direction of the target goal. Usually, a game is a race to score 5 goals, the first team to achieve this is the victor. Matches can be played as either best of three or best of five takes the day.

Football table rules

The basic rules of the game are that players should avoid conduct that is not sportsman-like and there is no spinning of the rods. These simple rules have to be adhered to in order to learn how to correctly learn how to play Foosball.

Types of Foosball games

There are several Foosball game formats, the most popular ones are Singles, Doubles and Goalie War. The Singles format is basically one player versus one player who control 4 rods on their respective side of the Foosball table. Doubles format is two players versus two players and a player in each team takes control of the defensive or leftmost rods. All this while, the partner is controlling the offensive three-bar and five var. Goalie war is a format whereby one player competes against another player. In Goalie War, each of the players only control the defensive or leftmost rods while four rods remain unused.

Soccer table tips

The following are some few insightful footbal tablel tips that might come in handy:

The serve

A player should strive to serve the ball to his or her 5 bar. Different ways should be practiced on the best manner by which to consistently serve to the player’s men.

Offensive 5-bar passing

Since the main aim is to pass the ball through the opponents 5-bar to a player’s offensive 3-bar, the player should ensure that their 3-bar is in the catch position. The men located on the 3-bar ought to be forward-angled towards the target goal. This will help in stopping a ball that is striking and it will stop under the player’s 3-bar.

Best atomic Foosball  table guide

Atomic soccer tables can be described as a new brand on the  sport scene. Like Tornado is indeed a revolutionary table that is characterized by a new and never before seen football table player design. It undoubtedly provides opportunities to new shots and new tricks that will significantly redefine the game of foosball. The following is a comprehensive review of the best soccer table to play your best home game that are currently in the market:

Atomic Pro Force Foosball Table

This is a top notch soccer table that like the carrom promises to deliver nothing short of exemplary durability and playability. The package comes with four foosballs for a complete game.

• The table measures 29.5 inches width by 56 inches length by 34.5 inches height which is a portable size.
• The table has 3.5 inch leg levelers that ensure an even playing surface for an enhanced user experience.

• It has a simple to use scoring style that uses manual abacus. This ensures easy score tracking in a fast-paced game due to simplicity of use.

• It has a convenient internal ball entry and return system that guarantees smooth transition after scores as the ball can easily be accessed.

• The table weighs 103 pounds which makes it possible to lift and relocate it if need be.
• It has unique octagonal handles that facilitate exemplary grip while playing your best home game.
• It has magnificent robot style players that are aesthetically appealing.

• This foosball table has great stability that is enabled by its 4-5/8” legs that have an L-style. This guarantees safety against fall even with sudden violent movements.

• It has 5/8” hollow steel rods with an exquisite chrome finish to give it that desired premium look.

• This one of a kind foosball table has a unique laminate exterior made of bamboo material with black accents compliment it.

• It has a large MDF apron that measures 13- 7/8” x 1” and a highly durable 0.5” MDF playing field. This ensures that your foosball table has longevity in its service life.

Atomic Eurostar Foosball Table

If you are seeking a foosball table that will allow you to have a fun drinking game and has euro-style goals then this is it. This foosball table proudly achieves the delicate balance between style and performance with regards to gaming equipment. The package comes together with two foosballs.

• It has handles, bead manual style scores and steel goals that are all made of chrome. This gives it an attractive sporty look that any foosball enthusiast would adore.
• It has a convenient internal ball entry and return system that functions to relieve players of the stress of finding the ball after a score.
• This foosball table has cup holders built into it to offer players the luxury of a fun drinking game.
• It has comfortable grip handles to protect the hands of the players from unnecessary bruising due to friction.

• It is made of MDF material that guarantees the unit longevity in service life. This eliminated the need of purchasing foosball tables frequently.
• It has precisely engineered leg levelers that offer maximum stability to the unit and therefore promotes level play. In addition, it has a support brace system at the playfield that is 1.25-inch thick.

• The table measures 28.75 inches width by 56.63 inches length by 34.5 inches height which is a reasonable and portable size.
• The table weighs 151 pounds which makes it portable it if need be and also contributes to its stability on surfaces.

Atomic Gladiator Foosball Table

This is an exquisite table to say the least. Its package includes 4 balls and is made of sturdy wood to give it a polished yet conservative look. It essentially features red and black teams competing on a green playfield.

• It has 14 x 2 inch MDF aprons that are highly durable. This guarantees that the user of no frequent unit replacement or repair.

• It has steel rods made of chrome and have nylon brushing to offer a premium look. These are complimented by wood handles that are easy to grip when playing on what is arguably the best soccer table.
• It has good leg levelers that function to literally even the playing field.
• Its convenient internal ball return system aims at creating a smooth transition between scores.
• It has built-in cup holder that ensures drinks do not spill on the playing field as a game ensues.

• The foosball table measures 31.25 inches width by 56 inches length by 34.75 inches height which is a size that can comfortably fit in a standard room.
• The table weighs 226 pounds which makes it portable it if need be and contributes to its stability on surfaces as well.
It is manufactured with sturdy and well-engineered wood to give it adequate strength.

The above three atomic football table options are a good place to start with when seeking the best soccer table and what better place to get them than