Foosball Table Parts Guide

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There is an array of foosball tables currently in the market to suit the different client needs. The different foosball tables have resulted in different companies producing their own parts and accessories. The numerous foosball table parts and accessories can make it hard for one to make the right selection. Below is an in-depth foosball table parts and accessories review.

Foosball parts

Currently, there are well over a hundred different table models that are available in the market that have many foosball table parts. Having knowledge of the quality of these foosball parts and the manner by which their design can potentially impact the game is important. This is especially if one is shopping for a table or for foosball replacement parts. The aim when buying foosball replacement parts is to seek the ones that will provide longevity in service life.

Soccer legs

Legs are important as they provide the much needed stability to a foosball table to prevent it from shifting position. Soccer legs that are skinny should be completely avoided as they have the potential of making a table to be less sturdy, a situation that will result in it shaking around when heavy games are being played. High quality foosball tables should have legs that are approximately 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches or even a larger in size so as to offer optimum stability. Modern tables have extra parts on the legs that have adjustable leg levers to facilitate easy leveling of the foosball table. Another important aspect of legs for tables is having adjustable table legs. This is because adjustable legs are essential to providing the players with a table soccer game that is consistent and smooth rolling.

Table levelers

Good table levelers allow the foosball balls to be stopped and to stay put as well during play. Good leg levelers should offer players a very level playing surface that improves the overall quality of the game. A foosball table that is uneven creates a game play that is also uneven and that is far from fair or fun. There are different table levelers available in the market such as threaded screw legs, wooden shims or blocks and telescoping legs. The threaded leg levelers type is most recommended with regard to table levelers as it has the simplest design and is easy to use. They comprise of legs that have a section that is threaded in the same fashion as a screw. This allows it to be adjusted up and down or alternatively to be raise or lower the corner of the foosball table. They are the table levelers to go for.

Foosball accessories

Apart from foosball table parts, there are also foosball accessories to consider. Some of the main ones include the following:

Foosball balls

There is an array of foosball balls available in the market today. They come in different play styles as well level of quality. An ideal foosball ball should be easy to grip or to pin down against the table with foosball men. Balls made of plastic or those that have a finish that is both slick and shiny should be completely avoided.

Foosball handles

Foosball handles are critical to quality of the game and can therefore be overlooked when shopping for foosball accessories. Different foosball handles provide better grip compared to others and this can greatly affect shot performance. Foosball handles that stain, are finished veneer or are polyurethane as they cause hands to slip off instead offering a firm grip that is required for a good game. Foosball handles made of plastic generally have poor grip and just spin while playing. Wooden handles are considered to be the very best in the business. This is because they provide optimum grip and do not become slippery when a player’s hands sweat. It is therefore advisable to go for wooden handles.

Foosball rods

Rods have a significant impact on the speed that a game will adopt. Foosball rods tend to be quite expensive parts of the foosball table. This is why a majority of manufacturers attempt to cut corners on their foosball rods since they can be easily ignored by rookie foosball players. Heavy rods slow down the game and make it sluggish in nature. Heavy rods will also make it a challenge to perform shots since it will be hard to maneuver the foosball rods laterally. Hollow light-weight rods made of chrome are ideal as they provide smooth back and forth gliding between the bearings. Such rods facilitate quality shot performance and optimum ball control.


The above insightful information about foosball table parts and accessories review clearly indicates some specifications of foosball table parts that consumers should seek when making purchases. It is only by having knowledge of the ideal foosball table parts that an individual can purchase that they can get value for their hard earned money. Next time you want to buy foosball parts and accessories you know what to look out for.