Top 5 Foosball table Brands

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What Are The Top Table soccer Brands?

There are numerous Foosball table brands currently in the market that are available to interested clients. It is good for customers to spend their hard earned money only if they are guaranteed of purchasing a Foosball table brand that will ultimately suit their needs and expectations. Below is an overview of some of the top 5 Foosball table brands in the market at friendly rates.

Brand origin Founded Price level
Tornado Foosball Table USA 1999 High
Garlando Soccer Table ITALY 1954 High
Carrom Table Games USA 1890's Medium
Rene Pierre Foosball FRANCE 1952 High
Triumph Table Foosball USA 1976 Low

The following review of the top 5 Foosball table brands  will be based on the following fundamental issues:

• The manner by which Foosball ball rolls on top of the foosball table. A good foosball table should be one whereby the ball stays put when stopped.

• Whether the Foosball rods are hollowed at the center or not, tables that are of high quality have rods that are hollow so as to increase lateral movement of the rods and reduce the weight.

• The location of the ball return system, is it on the sides or at the ends. Good quality tables are equipped with a side ball return for swifter grabbing of the ball.

• The construction material of the foosball handles. Wood is considered to be the best because of its exemplary grip.

• If the Foosball players are counterbalanced or not. Counterbalanced men are preferred.

• If the Foosball table has legs that are adjustable. These are important for smooth-rolling games that are consistent.

The top 5 Foosball brands :

1. Tornado Foosball Table

Tornado is a brand that has been manufacturing high quality tables for over 4 decades. It is also known for its tournament style foosball. These tables are considered to be the official tables of the sport. Tornado foosball tables have endured three different generations of tables that are characterized by their extensive heritage of the sport. This brand is renowned for creating American style that is based upon control and power. Its tables feature a table surface that is both level and hard, high quality players that facilitate optimum control as well as durable parts. It is these features that make the Tornado foosball table unique in its own right. In addition, tables from this brand allow for games that are fast-paced and have a high level of control that enable the setting up superb shots. Some top models of this brand include Tournament 3000, Classic, Reagan, Twister II, Elite, Worthington, Storm II, Twister, F-5, Madison, Storm, Whirlwind, Cyclone II, CO 2000, Sport, Thunder, Cyclone, TP 2000 and HM 2000. Tornado foosball tables are the products to go to with regard to sturdy cabinet design, better handles, counterbalanced players, adjustable leg levelers and a thicker cabinet design.

2. Garlando Foosball Table

Garlando is an Italian based foosball manufacturing company that has been in the industry for over six decades. It is renowned for producing high quality tables that are affordable. Its foosball tables are designed for both personal and business style. Similarly, they are both coin and non-coin operated. It makes American and European style foosball tables that caters for an array of play styles and quality. These tables have parts that can be easily sourced. This brand has received a CE mark that is meant for toy manufacturing safety as well as certification ISO 14001 for environmental safety purposes. Their tables are famous for their strong designs and colors, they have a sturdy construction, exemplary playability and maximum stability. The brand’s top models include G-5000 Wenge, Master Champion, Open Air Indoor, G-3000, G-500 Indoor, Open Air Outdoor, G-2000 Outdoor, G-500 Outdoor, F-200 Evolution, World Champion and Masters Cup Saxxot.
3. Carrom Foosball Table

Carrom can be described as a game manufacturer of American origin. Carrom foosball tables have been in the market for over ten decades, a fact that gives them a wealth of experience in the industry. The Carrom brand is renowned for its fun family foosball tables that is in line with their production goal and motto i.e. Quality Family Games. Some of the common Carrom foosball table models include Harley Davidson, Nascar, Signature, Burr Oak and Agean.

4. Kick Foosball Table

Kick can be defined as a manufacturing company that specializes in foosball tables. It essentially offers products that are made in the United States of America. The foosball tables form this brand are a result of extensive research, years of design and consequently development. It is renowned for producing tables that are cost-effective, foosball tables that are simple and quick to assemble and for producing tables that embrace the style of play that is traditional or old-school. Their foosball tables are sold with a satisfaction policy and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Parts used to make this brand’s tables are from premium materials sourced in the U.S to ensure durability and a game play that is of a high level. Kick brand foosball table models are Liberty Black and Silver Freedom.

5. Triumph Foosball Table

The Triumph brand embraces the traditional style of design called the butcher block. Its tables are renowned for their appealing finishes that exude a premium look. Despite its high end look, it is sold at affordable prices. The features that set this brand apart from its competitors in the market include the following:

i. Traditional butcher block design.

ii. A quality build that is durable.

iii. Easy assembly.

iv. Cup holder attachments that are optional.

v. Are equipped with both 1-man and 3-man goalie configurations.

vi. Its tables have playing rods that are chrome plated.

vii. These tables have a ball return system at either end.

viii. The tables from this brand have sturdy leg levelers for optimum game play.

The foosball tables from this brand are typically designed for the family and for teens.


The above insightful information clearly outlines the top 5 foosball table brands currently in the market. These brands can all be easily found on where interested clients can purchase them at fair prices. If you are a true foosball enthusiast, this information can act as a guide in the selection of your ideal foosball table. All in all, individuals should not look further than these top 5 foosball brands if they want value for their money and durable products. These are amazing foosball tables that boast of nothing but the best features.