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Tornado comparison table

Photo Foosball Weight Size BUY NOW
205 lbs. 56 x 30 x 36 inches
56 lbs. 30 x 36 x 355 inches
Tornado Elite 225 lbs. 56 x 30 x 36 inches
Tornado Classic 225 lbs. 56 x 30 x 36 inches
Tornado Worthington 350 lbs. 56 x 30 x 36 inches

Foosball is a sport that is played on a specific kind of table and it is pretty similar to the mini soccer game. The game is played on foosball tables and these tables make a perfect addition to your game room, arcade, club or even sports bar. While making your pick from the different kinds of foosball tables, there are a couple of factors that you should consider. Following is a review of the best tornado foosball tables that’ll help you figure out which table to actually opt for.

Tornado Sport :Another great Foosball Table Review

The Tornado sport foosball table is a solid and sturdy table for your foosball sessions. It comes with a one inch thick cabinet that is finished with fine mahogany melamine. The height of the legs can be adjusted with the boot levelers and the table comes with plastic handles for better grip. This feature called SureGrip makes it simpler for you to carry out your foosball sessions. The table comes with the end ball return facility and being built in Richard Hills, US, you can always count on the quality. This table is specifically meant for professional foosball players and you can never go wrong with it. Till date, it has been used on several pro foosball tours in the US. The quality is excellent and the product too is built to last. We were also particularly impressed with the balls, which are way better than the slick plastic balls. Unlike the white balls, the ball of this foosball table doesn’t really warp over the time and works excellently on a level surface. Although the table is slightly expensive, it is definitely worth your money. It requires timely maintenance, proper lubrication and a spick and span cleaning surface for the best foosball sessions. 

Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table Review

This is another excellent product from Tornado which is indeed fun and amazing to play with. The table is compact, solid and it offers an amazing performance. The backed corners of the table make your gaming session tad more thrilling. Additionally, it comes with a one goalie feature which helps you enjoy the more real-time experience of soccer. Tornado claims this to be its finest quality table for commercial operations. Although it does not come loaded with the coin-op mechanism, it comes with several other features that ensure that it is always a notch above in the world of entertainment. The T3000 series of this soccer table further ensures that users get to enjoy smooth and reliable playing sessions. It comes equipped with a 1 and a half inches stainless lamination, that make it appear tad more charming. This table is also equipped with steel brushed rods that are of commercial quality and that can withstand the most abusive gaming sessions. It can counter balance men and it comes equipped with split bearings.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table Review

If you enjoy playing foosball and are willing to spend a significant chunk of money on the best foosball table, the Tornado Elite foosball table can be a good pick. This table provides smooth assembly and has an incredibly simple operation. This is a professional table that can be used both in your homes as well as sport bars. Equipped with dual ball returns and heavy gauge rods this table is a great investment for foosball enthusiasts. The split bearings of the table provide quick and simple maintenance and the play quality too is incredibly professional. The most impressive feature however is the cherry laminate finish on the one and half inch thick cabinet. The leg levelers too are commercial grade are completely adjustable. The solid wood handles provide better grip and the patented tornado bumpers ensure that your foosball playing sessions, are absolutely flawless. The device is built in Richard Hills, Texas and amazing in matters of quality.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table Review

This is a classic foosball table that teams up a contemporary and stylish look with a heavy duty and incredibly sturdy construction. The leather laminate is perfect for any and every kind of environment. The table is specifically meant for professional games and your foosball sessions are amplified with the classic quality of the product. The cabinet of the table is relatively spacious being around one to one and half inches thick. Additionally, there are commercial grade leg levelers that can be adjusted according to your convenience. The natural solid wood handles provide better grip and your playing sessions turn out to be tad better with the � inches laminate playfield. The tri-color Tornado logo further retains the classic look and feel of the product. Being built in Richard Hills, Texas, there’s absolutely no inconsistency in matters of quality. The quality is solid and the frame to is sturdy and strong. Assembling this foosball table is even easier and most users love it for the simple and hassle free operation.

Tornado Worthington Foosball Table Review

This Tornado table is a great pick for your gaming room or sports bat. Coming with a fine furniture-grade finish of wood backed up with dual-ball returns this is an amazing table for professional gaming sessions. The heavy gauge rods and patented split bearings further aid in effective and completely effortless maintenance. The other advantage of using the product is its soft, black maple design coupled with the 1.5 inches cabinet that perfectly syncs with every other furniture in your room. On top of that, it also comes with commercial grade leg  levelers that can be adjusted according to your convenience. The natural wood handles provide the perfect grip and the down corner construction ensures consistent toughness and durability. You can also perform blocking shots and passing shots easily with the thin wall bearing design. Like every other foosball table from Tornado, this one too lives up to your expectations in matters of quality and the American build-up. There’s also a spacious � inches playing field that comes with amazing graphics that enhance the accuracy of your shots.

Tornado Foosball Table Accessories

Set of 4 Black Tornado Foosball Leg Levelers

leg levelers 2

These are black Tornado replacement leg levelers. These Tornado accessories have an array of unique features and advantages associated with them, the main ones include the following:

Quality – These are products of very high quality owing to the fact that they are for the renowned Tornado foosball brand. This guarantees that consumers get value for their money if they purchase this product.

Weight – They are very light in weight, a fact that facilitates their portability. These leg levelers weigh only 1.8 pounds.

Material – These accessories are manufactured using hard plastic that is very durable for a long service life. This minimizes costs that would been incurred in replacing them.

Versatility – These leg levelers can be used on both Pro-grade foosball tables and Tornado Coin foosball tables.

These foosball leg levelers ensure that the playing surface of your foosball table is always level so that you can compete on an equal level with your opponent as you both enjoy the wonderful game. The leg levelers are available on at affordable rates for all who are interested in acquiring them.


 Tornado Foosball Table Score Assembly - Set of 2

torna asse 2

This foosball accessory is inclusive of the score assemblies for either side of the foosball table. It has a few salient features as well as advantages that consumers can benefit from like:

Weight – These high quality score assemblies are characterized by a light weight of 3 pounds. This means that they are very portable and that they won’t add any significant weight on the foosball table to negatively affect its structural stability and hence the quality of the game.

Colors – They are manufactured in aesthetically appealing colors of black and blonde.

Design – This product has a universal design that is relatively easy to install to your foosball table. This eliminates the need of hiring technical personnel to do the job. This positively translates to some financial savings that can be redirected elsewhere in such tough economic times where every shilling counts.

This top notch foosball table score assembly allows for easier tracking of scores by players and frees their mind to fully concentrate on their favorite game. It is available for purchase on where they are guaranteed of it being genuine.

Tornado Foosball 2 Man Rod 48.375 Inches


This is one of the important Tornado accessories for the world-renowned sport of foosball. This product has several interesting features and benefits that consumers can enjoy as follows:

Weight – It weighs 4 pounds making it easy to handle while playing foosball matches that are fast paced.

Quality – This accessory is of the heavy duty type and can therefore be comfortable used for high traffic commercial purposes without risk of wearing out or failure.

Length – It is 48.375" long. This means that it will work in each and every foosball table from the exemplary Tornado brand.

This high quality and very durable rod facilitates a high level play to guarantee you success against your opponent every single time you play. This rod can be easily bought by foosball enthusiasts from all over the world on at consumer-friendly rates and is accompanied by attractive offers.

Well, now that you’ve browsed through their features, you can choose the best Tornado Foosball table and enjoy a gaming session like never before. Happy Shopping!

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